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Our vision is to be the first choice in business aviation by creating innovative quality criteria – seamless service, outstanding products and endeavour to more than perfection at all times. We are determined to set new standards of quality and safety in the corporate aviation industry. The main goal is to convince present and future clients that the services offered by Sun and Sea Vacations differentiate the company from all other competitors due to the fact that our promised quality will be delivered in daily operations instead of merely in high-gloss folders. The cetner of all our efforts are our customers. Their safety in a fast-growing and highly engineered industry is the first priority; their entire satisfaction demonstrates that we are heading in the right direction. With out extensive business aviation background and highly qualified and trained professionals we pursue out visions.


Luxury Tours

We understand the special needs of the elite traveller – privacy, safety and discretion are our first priority.

Travelling by business jet primary means careful handling of your most valuable asset: time. By adopting an optimised travel planning you are not only saving time, but you are also having the flexibility to travel as you wish – with a comfort to attain your wishes.

By request a Luxury sedan picks you up and chauffeurs you to the nearest airport, security checks are managed
with haste, while your luggage is stored by the flight crew. Once on board you can relax in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere or advance into your separate office where you are able to fully concentrate on work or prepare yourself for your business conferences. Whether the objective is work or leisure, our team will make sure that every flight meets your expectations.

In order to offer the best service possible, Sun and Sea is committed to supply a state of the art and diverse fleet for current and future charter customers – a flight tailored to your needs.

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